Our Momma Love Cardigan!

Our Momma Love Cardigan!

Being a mom has taken on a whole new meaning in the time of COVID-19. Like many moms I know right now, I'm wearing more hats around here than usual. And? It has given me crazy appreciation for teachers, care givers and housekeepers, as well as sincere gratitude for my own mom. When I was a child, my mom worked full time, and still managed to make every meal and do the household chores.

As a grandma, she's always there when called on, even if that means last minute adventure trips to Japan! Here she is last summer with my boys in Montauk (right). She is truly a selfless caregiver. She's also super hard to shop for. She's more interested in her six grandsons (and one granddaughter on the way!) than in the contents of her closet.

But this year, for Mother's Day, I think I'm gonna nail it. I wanted to give my mom something that would make her smile every time she saw it, and start conversations about the loves of her life with anyone who caught her wearing it. Stitched with a heart for each of her grandsons, and room to add even more, and hand embroidered in her favorite color: blue. So, even though she can't see her little loves in real life right now, she has a special reminder she can throw on each day.

Meet the "Mama Love Cardigan." A perfect addition to any mom's, grandma's, or great grandma's wardrobe:

Custom make your own with however many hearts you want! I promise you it will make for an extra special Mother's Day this year!

P.S. 10% all sweaters from our Mother's Day Collection will be donated to the Children's Health Fund.

xo Rachelle

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