Rachelle's Reading List 4/10

Rachelle's Reading List 4/10

Here are some things I've been up to in isolation:

Making homemade face masks! We received almost 5,000 face masks from you all and have sent them out to: Jamaica Hospital Medical Center, NYC Food Bank, Bronx Children’s Hospital, Lennox Hill Hospital, Masks4Medicine and over 50 healthcare professionals who reached out to us in need. We will still be accepting masks indefinitely. Go here to watch our designer Deedee walk you through sewing your own (by hand or machine).

We've also been hosting our online embroidery classes. Omg they have been so much fun! We have dozens more scheduled throughout the next two months. Buy your kits and join us!

Required reading: This story by my personal favorite, George Saunders, and the follow up interview about the essay here. It left me thinking about what I would tell my own grandchildren about my own actions during this abnormal time.

I also really loved reading this interview with New York's permanent resident, Fran Lebowitz. 

I am midway through this book, and looking forward to this one (on recommendation of my friend, Chiara Atik).

This delightful new picture book on a favorite, Diana Vreeland, with illustrations by Luke Edward Hall has arrived to me and is the perfect beautiful distraction!

We just finished the "Unorthodox" series on Netflix and are looking for our next binge fest. Ideas that my husband and I would both love?

Excited to watch the "Fleabag" play, which I missed during its limited run in NYC. It's now streaming on Amazon.

Finally, Mark Bittman is helping me navigate my new domain: the kitchen. I'm conquering so many dishes. This salmon and this kale are my favorites.

I'll leave you with my favorite meme going around, which makes a serious case for women in power:

I'm sending love, hope and healthy vibes to all of you on this holiday weekend. Please share with me things you are doing that you'd think I'd enjoy – email me! Rachelle@linguafranca.nyc

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