I ❤ NY

I ❤ NY

Who else got emotional while watching Governor Cuomo's speech on his love of NYC? Here, the transcript for those of you who may have missed it:

"New York loves all of you. Black and white and brown and Asian and short and tall and gay and straight. New York loves everyone. That's why I love New York. It always has, it always will. And at the end of the day, my friends, even if it is a long day, and this is a long day, love wins. Always. And it will win again through this virus."

Gah! If that doesn't make you teary eyed right now, you may need to check your pulse. Whether you're a New Yorker by birth, by choice (like me), or just in spirit, this special city needs all of the love, support, and help it can get right now.

Today, we're super excited to be launching our new "I HEART NY" hand stitched cashmere collection. Each week, we will be highlighting an industry in NYC that is struggling from the impact of the COVID-19 virus and donating 20% of the proceeds from this collection to it. And, our first hits close to home: support for the food and beverage industry in NYC.

We are partnering with the newly formed ROAR (Relief Opportunities for All Restaurants) to help an industry in dire need. As some of you may know, my husband Sean owns hotels and restaurants in NYC and it has been devastating to witness what has been happening to him and so many of his employees whom I know personally and love dearly. Of course I'm sad for all of the owners and workers affected by by this. But also? I'm sad for us all. Restaurants are truly the backbone of our city. They really are home to so many of us.

Teasing Jan Jan at Bar Pitti (L), Birthdays at Waverly Inn, (Middle) Sunday night dinner at San Ambrose, (R)

I still remember my first NYC date at a restaurant, which is now closed, on the Lower East Side. I remember my years being single and eating at the bar of Blue Ribbon in Soho. I remember my first dinner date with my future husband (Raoul's), the restaurant where I sealed a fundraising deal over eggs (Balthazar), and the dinner I ate before going into labor with my son (Malaparte). I also remember the first meal I ate post baby (Omen) and the very last lunch date I had with my friend Maria before she passed away (Cafe Gitane). And, while I don't know the names of the all of the counter workers who I get my lunch from three times a week at Bonsignour, I would never miss a chance to give them a "what's up" in passing on Jane Street. Our Sunday night dinner is either San Ambrose or Malaparte, where every single waiter knows us by name, and I'd be lost without our multiple week night check-ins with our friends at the Waverly Inn .... For some, it's the food, for us it's home.

Please read more about ROAR below and consider purchasing our #toosmalltofail sweater (which gives $100 back to them) and/or participating in our social media challenge. NYC hospitality teams live to take care of us, and now it's our turn to take care of them.

xo Rachelle

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