Rachelle's Reading List - June 2023

Rachelle's Reading List - June 2023

Hi friends! Many of you won't know this, but my background is in blogging. Yes, that's right, in my early 20s I started a blog that became a newsletter that became a full-fledged social website. It's still around today!

That I now get my kicks from commenting on culture via hand-embroidered cashmere is beyond funny to me. And fun!

It seems I can't escape that nerdy 20-year-old blogger covertly composing blog posts while working at my day job. I can't help but share the things I've been reading, discussing, and obsessing over. It's my outlet. And I love it. What are we as humans if we aren't sharing information?

So today, I've decided to take a breather from the usual commercial showcasing (hey, we are, after all, a fashion brand) and instead share some of the stuff I've been bookmarking lately—the old-school way. 

I hope you're well and that you have that intoxicating school's-out, start-of-summer vibe, even if you're long out of school. Ok, here we go! 

xo Rachelle

Here we go, old school style. Links only. Lmk if you have something I should see, read, experience or just laugh out loud at. DM me!

Where to begin with so much going on? I'll start with some books, so I seem smart and like I have an attention span much more sophisticated than it actually is...

I recently devoured this book. Like, started-at-8:30pm-and-did-not-sleep-until-I-read-the-last-word devoured. It was fun, fast, and well-written. Now, I'm on to this one but I'm still on the hunt for a can't-put-down summer book. Please send me your recs!

Sean made me watch this film and, cool director aside, it just wasn't really my thing. What has been my escape post-Succession/Mrs. Maisel? Weirdly, I found this show to be delightful. Wondering why I had never heard of it before. What are you all watching?

A lot of smart people I know have been discussing this commencement speech, which I found refreshing.

 Last night I sat next to this amazing young chef at a dinner party and now I'm counting down the days until I visit his new NYC restaurant which got this glowing review from Pete Wells.

Other new NYC food spots you must try: Sartiano's just opened in the Soho Mercer Kitchen spot (editor's note: my husband is part owner, but it's very good!), and the old West Village hot spot, Spotted Pig reopened as The Golden Swan by the über talented and hip Matt Abramcyk et. al. I met my husband at the original Spotted Pig in 2010 and it is a hoot to be able to go there again on date night.

I have discovered the "Normal Gossip" podcast and I don't know what I did before it. Y'all, it's so funny! Favorite episodes so far include this one and this one. I love listening to the hosts dissect these real life stories while I go on long walks. Shout out to another must-listen-to podcast: The Just Enough Family, featuring the beyond hysterical Liz Lange (you'll wanna give her a follow on IG too. Trust me). 

If you're looking for a baby gift, and already on the LF baby embroidered cashmere blanket tip, you should look no further than Donna Wilson. I love her incredible customizable creatures. So cool!

What are your beige flags? Mine include annoyingly knowing every Taylor Swift song lyric and leaving drawers wide open, along with so so many others!

If I could, I would buy every single person reading this one of these delightful necklaces by Marisa Klass. They're so chic and so happy, don't you think?

Speaking of cool jewelry, how incredibly special are these customizable rings

This story on the making of "Hey Jude!" makes me so happy. Life is just... all about kismet, you know what I mean? Falling down a Ringo rabbit hole that I never knew existed. P.S. Did you see today's announcement that The Beatles are releasing a new (and last) song with the help of AI?!

Yesterday, I did a walk and talk with my friend Alex and it was such an unexpected delight. I just wanted to share. Gonna try to do this again!

Forgotten English words that are very relevant today. I LOVE them all. Especially "Shivviness."

We have a not-insignificant mouse problem in our new townhouse (what can I say? NYC!). At this point, the creatures are basically team members. Which is possibly why I'm warming up to the idea of getting these adorable fluffy creatures as actual pets. Have you ever seen anything as equally adorable and repulsive?

Dandelions I'm not mad about. Not at all.

It's truly amazing we can recall anything. This also completely explains the strange dreams I'm always having. No. It's not a rare brain disease!

I am OBSESSED with this French country farmhouse. Yes yes yes IG algorithm! Keep serving me this!

Also in love with this bedroom and these fictional AI creations. Both have such style!

Ok, this video? I'm actually not sure why the algorithm delivered this to me, but I haven't laughed so hard in a while.

 I think that's it for me. That is unless you have any desire to see the intricate craftsmanship behind Taylor Swift's midnight bodysuit or this British crochet artist who is spreading her artistry over NYC - gah there's so much talent out there!

 Be healthy and be well, my friends. And, know that there are other cool people out there who are doing really cool things in their own little worlds, just like you!

xo Rachelle

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