Resort '24: LF's Family Meal

Resort '24: LF's Family Meal


Welcome to our Family Meal! If you’re in the hospitality business like my family is (my husband Sean is a hotelier and restauranteur), or if you’ve watched Hulu’s The Bear, you’re likely acquainted with the notion of the “Family” or “Staff” meal. It’s a communal gathering where the staff comes together just before service begins. For chefs, it’s a time of innovation, using whatever ingredients are available to nourish their “family” and experiment with new dishes. I’ve been lucky enough to sit in on some family meals in the past, and I can confidently say they are extraordinary events. 

LF Resort '24 Look Book

LF’s “family meal” takes a more sartorial approach. It marks the debut collection of our new head designer, Josh, and serves as the perfect opportunity for him to explore various concepts, fabrics, and techniques from our previous collections while adding in some new flavors of his own. You’ll find hand beaded flowers, original silk prints, hand knit sets, and even quilted skirts in this collection - plus of course, the novelty knits we’re known for. During the design phase of this collection, I happened to be in Scotland, my in-laws’ homeland. “Add a dash of MacPherson plaid to the mix?” I asked. “Of course!” Replied our talented chef Josh.

Photographed in our new LF Town House in the West Village (itself a work in progress, as you’ll see from the eclectic wallpaper) and featuring some special friends and an array of delectable dishes, this entire collection has truly nourished my soul with its sheer beauty!

Pre-shop the collection from now until June 22nd.

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