The "Les Charmantes Summer Necklace"

A couple of years ago I met a French woman at a brunch event at Laudrée SOHO. She was so effortlessly chic - minimal makeup, messy hair, and a gorgeous aura about her - you know, charming in that way only French women can truly master. Très chouette! And. And! She was wearing the most beautiful charm necklace I had ever seen. I fell in love with it on the spot and have continued to stalk the woman, Yasmina Benazzou, and the brand, Haute Victoire, on Instagram ever since. 

You see, I love charms in any form. On bracelets and necklaces, they're bursting with stories to tell! My mother-in-law (and muse) Janet (left, whom you've heard about ad nauseam) has a charm necklace so full that you can't even begin to get into each tale with her. My own vintage Cartier bracelet (also left) has served as a focal point of my holiday and birthday gifts from my husband every year. Each charm adds a new story from the lives we are building together. And, I know it's just an object, but I would be devastated to lose it.

And so, today we are launching our first ever necklace in partnership with Haute Victoire. The centerpiece of each necklace is a handmade charm featuring Athena, the goddess of wisdom and craftsmanship, because, obviously. 

Lingua Franca has become, I hope, more than just a "sweater company." I love the stories we are telling, and the power we are putting behind words.  I think stories are so powerful, they give our lives meaning and connect us to each other. Good stories can make the superficial become sacred. And, I know that this necklace is just a fun necklace - but it could also become the start of your own charm necklace story. And, how fab would that be!? xo Rachelle