The Summer of Rage - We Won't Go Back

The Summer of Rage - We Won't Go Back

When Roe V. Wade was overturned by this country's Supreme Court, going against the wishes of the majority of Americans, we stopped what we were doing and started stitching. It sounds crazy, but that's literally what happened and it reminded me of our early days, post the Trump election. Were we prepared? "ish." We knew this day was coming, but, similar to death, knowing that the inevitable is fast approaching does very little to actually prepare you for the day it actually comes.

On Friday, I joined the thousands of New Yorkers in Washington Square Park with my husband and some members of the LF team. And then, I got separated from my group. I've been to many protests and marches, but this was the first time I'd ever found myself completely alone at one. After a fleeting moment of worry (crowds tend to cause my anxiety to flare up), I was filled with the realization that I wasn't alone at all–everyone around me was my group. We are all in this together. An important reminder, you are not alone in your despair, in your rage, in your shock. Take comfort in that.

I debated writing this newsletter today. The plan was for a brief and celebratory message about Pride in NYC, including some new fun pieces that our team has been working on this month. I've decided to include that original email below because we cannot let the bad in this world stifle our ability to uplift our communities who have long endured similar blows rooted in closed-mindedness and hatred. But, while one is celebratory and one is devastating, the link between Pride and Friday's decision is not lost on me.  The overturning of Roe has ripple effects that put many of the hard-fought freedoms we hold dear in danger, including some I'm not sure the other side of this battle even realizes. So first, some lessons I've learned and relearned in the last two days, followed by a list of resources and support and finally an invitation for friends in NYC this week.


Important reminder: Believe. Their. Own. Words.

But also, remember they will lie to maintain their power. Always.

Read up from voices you respectBe informed.(Beware these will leave you fired up!)

But also, arm yourself with knowledge from those you don't respect: know their most formidable supporters' beliefs inside and out. (This one will leave you wanting to chuck your phone at the wall).

Remember they are hypocrites.

Remember they do NOT care about women, families, or children.

Remember they are not "Pro-Life."

Demand our leaders start using their tools, their power, and their imaginations. We must take the offense.

Be ready and engaged, this is a marathon not a sprint.

Most of all, dear friends, be well and take care of one another.

xo Rachelle

P.S. Because it’s what we do, go HERE for some styles that give back and also make it clear where you stand (also, stay tuned this week for new, more cost-inclusive tees to support the cause). It's been inspiring to see so many custom orders coming in with your loud and proud statements of resistance.


Some resources to share and to bookmark:

*Need to talk to a doctor you can trust about what to expect? @ma_hotline is ready to advise (in English and Spanish).

*What is legal in my state and is it safe to talk to my best friend/boyfriend/doctor about my abortion? @ifwhenhow provides lawyers and advocates who are available to answer your questions. (in English, Spanish, and Chinese).

*Where to get pills? Visit @aidaccess and @plancpill.

*Where’s my nearest clinic? @abortioncarenetwork.

*Financial assistance? @abortionfunds.

*@aclu_nationwide has info on how to keep yourself safe, digitally speaking.

*Operation Save Abortion: Sign up for the day of training and action on July 17th by going to @abortionfront.

Thank you @busyphilipps and @jexblackmore

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