"it was all a dream..."
"it's only rock 'n' roll"
"let it be"
"live well give well"
"live well give well" Travel Set
"mama knows best"
"nevertheless, she persisted"
"nevertheless, she voted"
"old school"
"original gangsta"
"power to the people"
"shake things up"
"speak the truth"
"stable genius"
"stand together"
"stayin' on freedom"
"the future is female"
"the future is female"
"the revolution will not be tweeted"
"the revolution will not be tweeted"
"this ain't no disco"
"took back my humanity"
"who run the world?"
Size Length Bust Sleeve Bicep Waist
XS 23" 35" 23.5" 12" 34.5"
S 23.5" 36" 24" 12.5"  35.5"
M 24.5" 37" 24.5" 13" 36.5"
L 25" 40" 25" 13.5" 39.5"