"all rise"
"all you need is love"
"always down"
"bad hombre"
"beat the system"
"beat the system"
"being human"
"believe survivors"
"brave not perfect"
"can i kick it?"
"can't fake the funk"
"come together"
"do the right thing"
"don't believe the hype"
"dream on dreamers"
"dream on"
"educate girls, save the world"
"empowered women empower women"
"everyday i'm hustlin'"
"everyday i'm hustlin'"
"fight for your rights!"
"give a damn"
"i am enough"
Size Length Bust Sleeve Bicep Waist
XS 23" 35" 23.5" 12" 34.5"
S 23.5" 36" 24" 12.5"  35.5"
M 24.5" 37" 24.5" 13" 36.5"
L 25" 40" 25" 13.5" 39.5"