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Jane Larkworthy

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What is your superpower? "Fake confidence."
Name: Jane Larkworthy
Age: 55, 50, 45, 47, 52 Fine. 55...
Birthplace: New York
IG or Twitter Handle: @janelarkworthy @thefraudulentchef @myhighstandard

What woman in your life has been the greatest source of inspiration to you? My writing professor in college. Lemayne Farrell, she was so encouraging of my writing, and was the first person I’d ever met who believed I could accomplish great things. She continued to be my biggest cheerleader decades after I graduated.
What is your superpower? Fake confidence.

How do you hope to inspire the next generation of women? By encouraging, authenticity, and exploring and embracing it. Not only do others appreciate it, it just feels cathartic and refreshing.

If you could spend an afternoon with any woman past or present - who would it be and what would you ask them? Tina Fey or Issa Rae. I’d ply them with delicious food then beg them to read my screenplay (or novel. tbd). If they tell me I have no talent. I’ll ask if we can be friends anyway.