I have always been inspired by women with the sort of confidence and self awareness that only comes with experience. I am truly grateful for all the age-defying women who have nurtured me, both in my career and throughout my life. When my friend Susan Feldman (founder One King's Lane), told me about her new project In The Groove, I was so excited for the world and wanted to know how we could become a part of it!

Susan, with the knowledge and awareness of her own community launched In The Groove this month to be a lifestyle destination taking a fresh and unabashed approach to aging—the go-to place for things you need to know, and maybe didn’t even know you needed to know to stay in the groove. And we partnered up to create a capsule of cashmere sweaters emblazoned with messages stating that women of a certain age aren’t going away quietly—they are here and being heard!

Recently we brought together 19 women, ages 50 plus, of all different professions, sizes and ideologies to my home to photograph them modeling this collection. Susan says: “This amazing group and all the women I have been talking with continue to reinforce my POV that we are not ‘going gently into that good night’ rather, we are on a determined quest to stay engaged, relevant and connected.”

Belinda Becker
Bobbi Brown
Christine Chang Hanway
Cynthia Rowley
Dayle Haddon
Erika Ehrman
Gianne Couji
Hillary Peterson
Jane Larkworthy
Judi Wong
Julie Gilhart
Mindy Grossman
Nadine Johnson
Nancy Spector
Nicole Miller
Patricia Bransford
Sherry B. Bronfman
Simone Silverman
Susan Feldman