Kathy Taslitz Collection

We are thrilled to feature renowned LA based artist Kathy Taslitz and her series: "Everything is great. Not really: snapshots of fear, insecurity, aspirations, and self-purpose explore the human experience within a culture defined by unattainable ideals." 

-Kathy's art explores humanity’s collective experience within themes of nature, technology, and pop culture. Her work connects the tangible and ephemeral. It's so very LF! And, it would make for the PERFECT holiday gifts.

“Sometimes my pieces are sincere, sometimes sarcastic, but there’s always a point to what I do. My work aims to inspire us to look within, to help us find meaning, place and purpose—without taking ourselves too seriously,” she says. “Some pieces are playful, other times more reflective, meshing together all of life’s shenanigans.”

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