I was inspired by AOC's IG Live on the evening of RBG's passing. She spoke about how now is the time to turn our fear into fuel. It's the time to trust our own power to look inward and find the unique ways we can each effect change in our communities. For us, that's always been through our stitching. Today, we are relaunching some classic RBG inspired looks, along with some new ones. 
Every women's and men's sweater sends $100 donation to the ACLU Women's Rights Project – which Ruth started. Every kid's and cotton shirt sends 20% to the cause. We hope each piece serves as a reminder of this incredible woman's legacy, and of the power we each have inside.

xo Rachelle
"all rise"
"when there are nine"
"when there are nine" (mens)
"when there are nine" (kids)
"i dissent"
"i dissent" (mens)
"i dissent" (kids)
"super diva!"
"super diva!" (kids)
"ruthless" (pique cotton)
"super diva!" eye mask