"in love there is no violence"
"more than enough"
"love is love"
"love is love"
"love is love"
"my body is not a political playground"
Indigo No. 1
Indigo No. 2
Indigo No. 3
"we won't go back"
"nevertheless, she persisted"
"unpave paradise"
"do the right thing"
"brave not perfect"
"love rules"
"love and resistance"
"being human"
"all rise"
"i miss barack"
"all you need is love"
"give a damn"
"everyday i'm hustlin'"
"the future is female"
"i've got this"
"let it be"
"nevertheless, she voted"
"the revolution will not be tweeted"
"beat the system"
Size Length Bust Sleeve Bicep Waist
XS 23" 35" 23.5" 12" 34.5"
S 23.5" 36" 24" 12.5"  35.5"
M 24.5" 37" 24.5" 13" 36.5"
L 25" 40" 25" 13.5" 39.5"