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Lingua Franca + The Beatles

LF x The Beatles

The Beatles occupy an iconic and nearly unprecedented place in our human reality–they are, inarguably, a part of our collective consciousness. How else can I explain the fact that my sons were singing the lyrics to the group's most famous songs by the time they were toddlers, or that as a family we often end up belting them out in unison on long car rides together?

Their songs are TRULY the LINGUA FRANCA of our times.

Many have argued that The Beatles are the greatest band of all time, and seriously? I can't think of a contender. Their cultural impact is inimitable (not to mention their over 1 Billion record sales). So, I imagine you can understand our excitement today.

The first question you probably have is how the heck did we manage to convince THE Beatles to let us put their iconic song titles on our sweaters? The answer, like everything we've managed to accomplish here, is really kismet. Years ago, someone gifted Paul McCartney one of our hand-embroidered, sustainably sourced cashmere crewnecks, and he reached out. Seriously. Paul is particularly sensitive to supporting brands with ethical sourcing and production practices. We ended up doing a really fun capsule with Paul in 2019 and we started thinking about how we could do a broader collection for The Beatles shortly thereafter.

The upcoming release of the documentary series, The Beatles: Get Back(coming to Disney+ this Friday) seemed like perfect timing. We got the whole family covered with sizes and styles for everyone–because we all know, the intergenerational Beatles obsession is so real! I grew up listening to The Beatles, as did my parents and my children. I'm honored and thrilled to present this new collection today.  

xo Rachelle

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