The Story behind...Our Paper Flower Shop

The Story behind...Our Paper Flower Shop

If there's one thing this pandemic has reconfirmed for me, it's my love - no, my NEED to keep my hands busy creating and making. My obsession with paper flowers began towards the end of last Summer, when I wanted a bright, cheery paper flower bouquet for my new office, which was, at the time, completely white. Everything I found was either too realistic looking (I prefer paper flowers that don't pretend to be real!) or too simple to feel special. Also? After hours spent trying to find my perfect paper flowers to buy, I became sort of inspired to try to just make my own!

Over the long, cold winter, I tried to squeeze out whatever time I could to work on my paper flowers. I learned about the different weights of crepe paper (there are so many!) and started following the experts in the field. I was so inspired! I knew that I wanted to share the joy and beauty of these hand made flowers with you - our LF community. My first ever paper flower took me over 3 hours to make...but I was OBSESSED.

There was something about molding and gluing each petal, each leaf, that made me feel strangely connected with Mother Nature, and full of deep respect for her boundless beauty.

Our LF Flower Shop has 14 different styles of stem ranging in size, price and color. Each one was designed by us and then hand-made by a woman-owned and operated company in the Songjiang District of Shanghai that has been making paper flowers for years. We feel so grateful to have found a partner that allows us to share my love of paper flowers with you all!

Beautifully packaged by our team in NYC, they are works of art as a single stem, or bundled together. I think these flowers make the most perfect gifts for teachers, moms, hosts, co-workers, friends and even strangers on the street!


So, while they will never (nor are they meant to!) replace your favorite fresh market flower finds, I hope they provide you with a different kind of long-lasting beauty and joy in your home!

Respect Your Mother

Happy Earth Day

We love celebrating Earth Day EVERYDAY, but as this is her official day, we wanted to make sure you didn't miss our special Earth Day collection, including limited edition cotton tees and embroidered pins. Available THIS MONTH ONLY! Don't miss out!

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