Rachelle's Reading List 3/11

Rachelle's Reading List 3/11

Stuck at home like me? Here are some things to get you through (I made this one extra long for you social distancers today!)

I'm Reading: that time Nancy Meyers wrote a NYTimes Modern Love piece, AND all of @eholmes saved IG stories
on the Royals dressing habits. What? You'll get sucked in too, trust me:

Also Reading: All of Claire and Erica's "A Thing or Two" newsletters. I always love hearing what they are digging, like this deliciously made rotten looking fruit. Sign up here.

I'm Watching the Hillary documentary on Hulu and fascinated by it. I was too young to remember a lot of the Bill Clinton years, and didn't know about much of Hilary's exceedingly liberal college years. It's fascinating and sad to watch all at once. (Sad because I believe it really does illustrate the overwhelming confines women face living and trying to lead in this patriarchal society.)

Also Watching: This fun video by Leandra Medine, aka The ManRepeller, (she's so clever!!!) AND this tik tok of Elizabeth Warren on repeat.

When life returns to normal, post-Corona, I'm looking forward to:
- Seeing this play, I've heard fantastic reviews

- Eating at Le Crocodile in the Wythe Hotel 

- Seeing the Donald Judd exhibition at the MoMa

You should all make sure to check out the new British Galleries that recently opened at the MET. They were designed by our pals at Roman and Williams and are magnificent!

-Need Colovos jeans after spotting them on Laura Brown...
-These gorgeo
us new tumblers and glasses from a favorite jeweler, Foundrae. (p.s. we recently featured the company's founder, Beth Bugdaycay, here)...
-This incredible marble chain link thing-a-majig from Jennifer Fisher's new furniture line for CB2.
-Can we also please talk about @aurorajames's Dior coat, left, this rattan wave table spotted on @yolandaedwards IG, center, and @indrerockefeller's hand made Mizele cape, right? Because I could easily live with all three!

I spoke on a podcast! Listen to yours truly on Joanne Wilson's "Gotham Gal" Podcast. I had so much fun sitting down with my neighbor and chatting about life and "building organically." Have a listen and let me know what you think. (I HATE hearing the sound of my voice!) 

If you missed the SNL La Guardia airport skit featuring John Mulaney (love him!) and David Byrne (!!!!!), do yourself a favor and check it out here

Katie Couric enthusiastically showing off gymnast Simone Biles' custom LF sweater (it was part of a SKII collaboration!) left me totally fan girling. I spent hours going down the Simone Biles YouTube hole. She's just incredible!

These vegan hunting photos made me LOL.

OMG Celine Dion can Do. NO. Wrong. 

Another activity if you're "social distancing" like you should be: take a deep dive into the hard core world of "cottagecore." It's a thing. "Things that do not exist in the cottagecore universe: frostbite, jobs and toxic masculinity." Plus there's "wonder based events" to look forward to!

Art Production Fund Gala is one of my favorite events of the year. This year's honored artist is Tom Sachs and his delightfully spirited and super stylish wife, Sarah Hoover. I not only got to wash my hands with glam friends in black tie, left (that's me in my old but good Tibi purple dress), but I got to eat caviar and potato chips off of a menu put together by Sarah herself, right. It was FAB-U-LOUS!

Reese Witherspoon and her son need their own show already! Give the people what they want!

Want to know the simple secret ingredient to a successful dinner party

OMG Keith McNally has discovered instagram. 

And, some levity:

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