What I've Learned in Quarantine...

What I've Learned in Quarantine...

The coronavirus officially became a world wide pandemic. It's been a robust reminder of our connection to each other, independent of socioeconomic status, race or nationality. Pandemics like this teach us that healthcare is a global public good that everyone should have access to.

A friend recently sent me this article written by Umair Haque titled “What Coronavirus Teaches Us About the Kind of World We Have to Build.” I’m curious what you all think about it. In it, Haque argues that, “the causes of this pandemic are poverty, a lack of healthcare, and a lack of protection for nature, at global levels. Even tiny actions—like someone in Wuhan being bitten by or eating a bat — can have catastrophic global consequences. We should therefore all, if we are sensible and thoughtful people, be concerned with a fairer world.”

This morning I also found out that I am potentially a carrier of the virus, as a close friend of mine tested positive and is recovering in the hospital. I was in contact with her last Tuesday and thus am self quarantining. Our office is also closing until at least next Tuesday.  And, I've learned a lot over the last hours as this just got very real for us very quickly:

  1.  It's sadly true that our federal government did a horrible job responding to this virus and we are ill prepared. 
  2. It's also true that this virus is most likely in a much larger % of the population than we even realize and it would make sense to cancel non essential travel plans and group events.
  3. NY Governor Cuomo stated just hours ago in his news conference, that the facts should help reduce our anxieties. The most definitive factual information we have is this recent John Hopkins study tracking all of the cases (121,000 and counting) since we first heard about the virus. From those cases, there have been 4000 deaths. For some perspective, last year roughly 80,000 people died from the flu in the US alone. 
  4. In short, stay calm but be sensible. The hysteria is real and will likely grow, but we have been through worse things before and we will get through this.

I’d love to hear your thoughts. How are you coping in this brave new world? Any insights to share? Please leave comments in this IG post if you feel like discussing or have any questions for me.

Xo Rachelle

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