These Women Changed My Life...

These Women Changed My Life...

In The Groove

“I do think that when it comes to aging, we’re held to a different standard than men. Some guy said to me: ‘Don’t you think you’re too old to sing rock n’ roll?’ I said: ‘You’d better check with Mick Jagger’.” - Cher.

It's Friday guys. We made it. This week has been nutty! And well, we've made it to the end and I am happy to report that I have such a treat in store for you today - a refreshing break from the horrific circus happening in real time at the Kavanaugh hearings. Today you get to meet some true leaders - age-defying women (which is another way to say "over 50") that inspire me and are just general badass humans. It all started when my friend Susan Feldman (founder of One Kings Lane) met in our offices and told me about her new company she was launching called "In the Groove." It's a lifestyle destination taking a fresh and unabashed approach to aging. 

Stop right here. Before you continue, please go read this essay I did on Arianna Huffington's site Thrive: These women changed my life and they might change yours too.  The best guidance really does come from those with the most experience. (Thanks Arianna for paving a path!).

Now, back to our amazing collaboration. In case you can't tell by now, I'm totally inspired and in love with the age-defying women in my life. Susan and I wanted to develop a collection of sweaters embroidered with messages that show these women of a certain age aren't going away quietly - they are here and being heard! Check out our models below, just a sampling of some of my real life role models. And then, get shopping!

$100 of every LF x In The Groove sweater bought in this collection will go to the Women's Alzheimer's Movement. xo Rachelle

Simone Silverman
Dayle Haddon
Nancy Spector
Hillary Peterson
Cynthia Rowley
Jane Larkworthy

p.s. For all of the women in my life that are from the generations before me, thank you for your support, your guidance, your wisdom and encouragement. Thank you for giving me a model to mold my own life after, and for offering up a path towards growing older with mad grace and style. Hi mom!

p.p.s. All photos by Yumi Matsuo

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